Are You Running On Empty?

With the amount of demands people and life places on our energy, it’s so easy to become drained, and that too very quickly. Have you ever been in a place where you just have nothing left to give? It’s not a great place to be in – burn out is ironically the most draining experience that can happen to the best of us.

Many people ask, ‘how do I avoid burn out?’ The answer is simple, constant communion with God. Despite many of us knowing the answer though, we still somehow end up there sometimes. Life happens to the best of us; we’d be ignorant if we thought no trouble would ever come our way.

Logically, the next question you may ask is, ‘I’m in that place, how do I get out?’ Refuelling requires commitment – you’ll have to set time aside to prioritise your spiritual health, as you have to if you want to change your physical health.

I loved what I read in an article recently; sometimes you have to withdraw in order to draw. We all need time alone, to reflect and re-focus in order to keep giving out. Jesus didn’t exactly have ample free time on his hands – yet he stayed on track and didn’t burn out. He knew the secret to spiritual rest and renewal – he often withdrew to isolated places to pray. He made it a habit to commune with his Father. In fact, he made it a priority to refuel and recharge.

Don’t run on an empty tank – take a pit stop to refuel. It won’t slow you down, it’ll allow you to go further.