Flawless, Brilliant and Pure

Flawless, Brilliant and Pure

Genesis 3

A plan. Purposed and made before the beginning of time itself. A plan which would bring great glory to the God of everything. A plan which will serve the whole world which was yet to be made. A plan which will require a great price. Oh who could ask for such a price? For such a death? Is it possible? Can it be done? How? A plan which was Flawless, but appeared corrupt. Brilliant but appeared poisoned. Pure but appeared stained. Stained by what? What is this plan? What is this price? Let me tell you a story:

Long ago, the God of everything, the one and only true God, planted a garden on the earth. This garden was the most beautifully constructed place of all His creation. Everything was fully flawless. Genuinely brilliant. Tangibly pure. Everything but one. The serpent of old. Lucifer. The accuser. The father of lies. By these many names he was yet to be known. The serpent creeped around the garden, looking for someone to devour. To steal; to kill; to destroy.

He stares at God’s most loved and most beautiful creation; the one made in God’s image, the human, and devises a plan. A corrupt, poisoned, stained plan. He schemes thoughts against the most loved saying “What could I do to destroy God’s most loved creation?” Seeing the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the forbidden tree, he sniggers and creeps towards the most loved. “Eat the fruit from the forbidden tree”, he said. “You will be like God”

Like God? Who can be like God? Weren’t the most loved already like God, being made in His image? This scene recites the fall of the most loved from their image of God to a corrupt, poisoned, stained image. The image of the God which they carry is tainted. The one and true God. Now His plan was in play. The price which was to be paid was ready. Before time began, it was ready. What was the price? The price is that the Word would become flesh and live among us. The living Word of God. Become flesh. What a paradox! An absurdity! How can a God become man? A human? Like one of His own creation? But he makes it possible.

As the Father and the Holy Spirit battle for the Lost of the world through the Word, the living Word, the moment of salvation awaited. The key of the whole plan. The punchline. The conclusion. The end. The death of the Word. The death of God! God can die? How crazy is His love for the most loved that he is caused to die for them? By doing this, He has truly made the impossible possible! The God of everything is in the business of making the impossible possible. As the Word lifts His head towards the penalty, the penalty meant for the most loved of the earth, He remembers the beginning. The garden. The perfection. The flawless, brilliant, pure creation. The most loved basking in the glory of His presence. This is His chance to have that back. To give that back to the most loved. To redeem them from pain, suffering and most of all, sin. To deliver the most loved from the corrupt, poisoned and stained life which they lived in. Through the process, the pain and the past memory of the Garden of Eden, death soon falls on the Word, proclaiming the freedom of the most loved of the earth as He screams, IT IS FINISHED.

Soon, He will come back again for you and me. Are you ready? Have you believed in the one who has saved your soul? The only thing stopping you is you. All that is required of you is your faith, your obedience and your heart. Are you willing to receive the free gift of salvation? To once again be united with Him in the Garden? The God of everything longs to see you there. The choice is yours.
by Joshua Daniel