Li Music


Here at Livin’ It we believe worship is our most natural state of being, and that we are made and designed to worship. Our goal is to see large communities of young people worshipping together and experiencing what it’s like to come back to the heart of worship as God intended us to. Through Livin’it Music, we hope to inspire young people to embrace a lifestyle of worship that brings transformation in every area of their lives.

We are also committed to training and equipping worship leaders and musicians to know God’s heart, and to capture and release what God is singing over us in the moment.

Our Leadership

Sam Nehmat is our head of worship, and was raised in a small town called Walsall in Birmingham, UK. After giving his heart to God at a relatively young age he has made genuine worship one of his greatest pursuits.

This passion has led him to birth the vision behind Livin’ It Music. He often leads many people into intimate worship with the Father, and has ministered with his passion for worship in different countries. Sam has written a few songs including “To love like you,” that capture his journey with God and stir up hunger, freedom and adoration towards God.