Shout Louder

“Be Quiet!” many people yelled at him. But he Shouted Louder, Son of David, have mercy on me!” Quote from passage Mark 10: 46-52 NLT

In your journey to know God more intimately and live obediently, you will experience many voices speak out against you and tell you to ‘Be Quiet’ to discourage you. Blind Bartimaeus was seeking Jesus’ attention so Jesus would heal him. But the people around him told him to be quiet. Bartimaeus did not listen to them but he shouted louder so the voices that discouraged his pursuit of Jesus so they would be dim and fade away. Similarly, don’t be discouraged when you hear the voices of your friends call you boring, no-fun religious freak or the voice of ‘psuedo-science’ that claims to have disproven the Bible or whatever that may be challenging your pursuit of Jesus. These are not times for you to be discouraged and stop pursuing Jesus. This is the time when you Shout Louder, push harder, be more fervent, and get relentless in your pursuit of the things of God. If Bartimaeus had stopped calling out to Jesus when the people told him to, he would not have received his healing. But he shouted louder and experienced the miraculous touch of Jesus. Your experience of a miraculous touch from Jesus is just a Shout Louder away. Shout Louder!

By Aldrin Singh

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