Temples of God

The Bible says that God does not dwell in temples made by human hands, but dwells in us, by His Holy Spirit. God speaks through Nathan here, saying He doesn’t have a personal dwelling place, but has been moving around from tent to tent.

We are created in the image of God, nothing in all creation is like us, not animals, nor nature, only humanity; we are, you are, the pinnacle of God’s creation.

Paul in Colossians talks about the fullness of Christ in us. Man has wanted to create amazing buildings to ‘house’ God in, yet in fact, God has housed himself in his own creation, humanity- God had a temple in mind before we did. Through them, His intention is that we change our communities, and nations, reaching all types of peoples.

God is constantly moving because people are constantly on the move. It’s amazing how we are the outlets of His glory; people living knowing they carry the fullness of God everywhere they go, nothing can stop what they say and what they put their hands to will be blessed.

You reflect God in how you live; You are a temple of the living God!